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        High-level talk on mini excavators holds at Beijing’s SANY industrial park

        04 August,2017


         Hosted by SANY e-Business Center, a high-level talk on the trend of mini excavators replacing manual labor was held at SANY industrial park in Beijing on July 25.

        The talk focused on the trend of mini excavators replacing manual labor, analyzing advantages and future of domestic brand’s mini excavators. It aimed at providing suggestions to users and foresaw the prospect of mini excavators.


        Zhang Xiaoshuai

        Zhang Xiaoshuai, director of operations of SANY’s e-Business center attended the conference and delivered a speech.


        Zhao Keli

        Zhao Keli, director of the department of mechanical design and automation of Jilin University, who introduced the history of excavators at the conference, thought the high-level talk was meaningful for the development of excavator industry.

        Mini excavators replacing manual labor will be a new trend

        Recently, CEhome.com held a construction competition between manual labor and mini excavator to see which one is better for small earthwork construction. Experts attending the talk gave their professional opinions on the new trend.

        Cui Xin: editor-in-chief of CEhome.com

        Cui thought that mini excavators’ working performance are better than that of manual labor. In the competition of digging tree well, SANY micro excavators dug each pit was between 50 to 60 centimeters, while the pits dug by 18 men were not qualified for the competition’s standard.

        Mini earthmoving equipment is more suitable for complex working conditions than that of manual labor. SANY mini excavator can easily break stiff soil layer that is hard to be excavated by human power. SANY mini excavator SY16C’s working performance equals to more than 20 men’s effectiveness.

        Wu Ruixin: Representative of clients

        Wu Ruixin is a client of SANY micro mechanical digger. “The cost of SANY mini excavator is far lower than the labor cost,” he said that in this competition, SANY mini excavator cost 1020 yuan, while manual labor by 18 men cost 3960 yuan.

        Micro diggers can operate free from the working strength and they can work much longer than human. To purchase SANY small digging equipment will save time and money for clients.

        Domestic brands and foreign brands, which one is better

        Domestic brands and foreign brands, which one of mini excavator is better? It is another topic of the high-level talk.

        Wang Jianhua: the engineer of SANY small excavator research institute

        Compared to foreign brands, domestic brands of mini excavators can be used in more wide working conditions and can save more fuel. Taking SANY mini excavators as an example, under the same tonnage, SANY mini mechanical digger is superior to that of foreign brands in machine weight, maximum excavating distance, maximum digging depth and maximum digging height. What’s more, SANY’s load-sensing system is designed for increased fuel efficiency and maximized performance.

        Zhang Quan: sales manager

        The service for domestic brand excavators is better than that of foreign brands. For example, SANY provides clients 365 days*24 hours service, ensuring that clients can get SANY’s professional service at anywhere any time. “SANY’s after-sale service can safeguard clients’ rights and interests to the maximum extent, which is foreign brands cannot match,” Zhang said.

        The future of the mini excavators

        In the first half of 2017, the market share of SANY mini excavators is 25 percent, which is double over last year. However, foreign brands still dominate half of the domestic mini excavators’ market. How to gain more market share of mini excavators is also a topic of the high-level talk.


        Zhao Keli held the idea that the domestic manufacturers should improve products’ quality and make breakthroughs in technique and technology for mini excavators’ key components, hydraulic system and electricity-driven system.

        “Besides improving our products’ quality and R&D ability, we also should combine the traditional industry with e-business, letting more clients to know our products and service,” Zhang Xiaoshuai added.

        In August, SANY will make a sales promotion for mini excavators on its e-business channel, offering the most preferential prices for clients.


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